Don’t assume you know me

Read some of my books? Good for you. Then you’ve met SSA Ellie Conway and you’re beginning to see how she ticks.
Talked to me about anything? No? Then shut your cakehole. FYI: your opinion of my work isn’t required and you sure as hell don’t know what the motivation for any particular story was.
News Flash: I do not have to clear my work through anyone. If you want something fluffy and sweet, don’t read FBI-based Crime Thrillers. Pretty easy really. Perhaps you’d be better with a romance (maybe keep away from anything steamy) or a cosy.
Can you tell the difference between fiction and reality?
Do you grasp that crime fiction covers all types of crimes? There is no censorship.
You don’t like child trafficking, well, nor do I. Nor does SSA Ellie Conway. It’s part of her job to investigate and rescue kids.
Are you offended by fiction? (Then bugger off and have a cup of tea while you fan yourself.)
Do you understand that characters can have different political views to you? And you cannot tell either from a back jacket blurb.
Do you understand that characters can and do have very different lives to the author?
Is there any semblance of intelligence in you?
Here’s a pro tip: Don’t troll through someone’s website looking to be offended and try to take the author to task over your (wrong) assumptions. I don’t owe you an apology for my work. How my work is marketed is not your business. Why would anyone with half a brain try to turn fiction into a political weapon?
Guess you’ve got nothing better to do?
If that’s the case then put your money where your mouth is and buy the books you’re so vocal about. You know how to find the links, you’ve been all over my website looking to stir shit.
How about you write the fluffy puffy piece of nonsense that you want to read and leave the hard stuff that tackles actual issues to the people with their grown-up pants on.


3 thoughts on “Don’t assume you know me

  1. I’ve never understood why people think that authors should share their views, or write about people who do. The whole point of fiction is creating a new world with a variety of people in it. If those people have *gasp* different views or deal with uncomfortable things, well, that’s who those fictional people are. I have no patience for people who attack others that way.

    • Usually I don’t engage but he really pissed me off. How very dare someone behave like a nobhead over fiction!!
      If he’d spent two minutes talking to me instead of an hour trolling to get dirt from my website (where all he found were blurbs and so forth) then he might’ve learnt something. But he made the choice to behave like a dick without anything real behind his accusations.

      *sharpens pencil* there’s death coming,.

  2. Thank God I don’t have a vast collection of my own written work! But yes feeling for you, no one needs that. What goes around comes around, so they will no doubt find a fly in their soup or worse 🙂

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