Am I writing?

I am, just not as much as I should be!
I did get permission to use a couple of friends as characters and yesterday I wrote 2K. So it is happening just not fast enough. It annoys me when I can’t seem to carve the time to write because I know I can, I’m just not. That’s not ideal.
Some of it is due to the way things are at the moment. When I have a kid that isn’t well and hasn’t been for a long time, it takes a toll (not just on her).

Tried to make another dental appointment today and I could only request an appointment not make one. Sigh. I’ve had two cancelled because I had COVID and then the dentist was ill. Then they tried to get me in on cancellations but I can’t do that. I need a minimum of two days, preferably a week before an appointment. That is what life is like at the moment.

This morning I’m not at the bookshop because Freda has an appointment and needs me to go with her on the bus.

We got the info about the next step in the awards (see image below), we’re in the regional finals because we won the Art and Culture category in Upper Hutt! The finals involve a video and that requires a script. Also, other stuff. We’ve got all the paperwork and the filming schedule so we can choose our time for the film crew. Filming in September. Luckily the info came with an example script. That should make things easier. Except, I’m kinda on my own at the moment, and it’s easier when you can bounce things off someone else – in person rather than via email.

Right, that’s about it. You’re caught up. 🙂

Anywho, Writers Plot Bookshop won the Arts and Culture category:


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