Waiting, writing, wondering.

Today is a super shite weather day. It’s been raining heavily for two days.
And this … I think Diesel knows when I’m going to get a migraine before I do. I noticed a wee while ago that he sits behind me sometimes when I’m in the kitchen doing dishes or baking. I used to say he was guarding the baking.
But this morning when he did it and I got a migraine about five minutes later, I had a look in my diary. Sure enough, last time, I’d made a note that Diesel was guarding me while I was baking and right after that it said migraine. They’re infrequent these days, in fact, I went onto meds which have prevented 90% of my migraines and pretty well stopped any aura about six weeks before Diesel came to live with us. Sometimes they kick up a notch but there is only so much meds can do to prevent them especially weather-related migraines. The fun of a neurological disorder.
Next time Diesel decides to sit right behind me and stay there I’m going to take extra special notice. If he’s warning me, then, how bloody cool is that?
Right now he’s next to me on my bed.
Rain is pelting against the windows. The wind has kicked up. It’s a full-blown storm.

Quite looking forward to having new waterproof hiking boots next week! I finally ordered a new pair. Hooray. No doubt it’ll be sunny for weeks after they arrive. šŸ™‚

Yesterday, Xanthy and I were choosing books for Josh and Jenna to read to Aspyn. We came up with some very kiwi books (kinda easy when I’m co-director of the only fully kiwi bookshop in the country). Very exciting to think in less than a month Superman and I will be in Sydney with Joshy, Jenna, and Aspyn. Of course, we are taking a *fuckton of Whittaker’s chocolate with us (and baby fish and Toffee Pops).

Meanwhile, only 11 days left of the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. Get in there! Byte Series!
Veronica Tracey Spy/PI series.

Also, you can now listen to the Byte Series and the first Veronica Tracey book via Google books.
Here’s a link to Soundbyte. What fun! Also, big price drop so jump on it, people!

And one last thing … I have a “buy me a coffee” page. To be honest it’s more an ‘offset the ridiculous price of waterproof shoes’ account. For those of us who do not drive, wet weather gear is paramount.
(Also, for those of us who volunteer as co-director of Writers Plot Bookshop … it’s handy to have a couple of bucks for coffee or shoes or bread or doctors.) šŸ™‚

Stay dry! Stay warm!
This storm is really getting stuck in.

*That’s how we measure chocolate here.

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