Just might be what I was looking for …

A few months ago I removed my books from Google Play. Mostly because they were haranguing me about providing ID and wouldn’t pay royalties until I did – my ID expired. I couldn’t provide ID if I didn’t have ID. But I do now. Yay for a 10-year passport.
Since removing my books they emailed several times and announced the beta narration service then invited me to try it. Electronic narration. Hmm, I thought, might not be terrible. And Amazon was dragging their feet over making a decision via Audible and royalty sharing for anyone outside of the USA or UK.
This morning I started the slow process of uploading my books again.
And for shits and giggles, I listened to a few of the narration voices. I found one that would work for The Byte Series.
No Kiwi voices though for the Veronica Tracey series … but Charlotte the Aussie sounded okayish.
Right, I thought. I’m doing it.
Now I’m listening to [Nothing happens here] read by Charlotte. It’s fucking hilarious. I could probably tweak the speed a bit, but, maybe not?
She’s grown on me, Charlotte has. 🙂
In case you’re interested here’s a link to the audio version on Google Play
It’s done wonders for my mood. Super entertaining.
As the other books go live I’ll create audio versions. Terrorbyte is already on Google Play as an audiobook. Madison sounds quite good. 🙂
Might be having too much fun with this.
I just laughed out loud at my own bloody words!

Edited to add these audio links and we’ve dropped the audio price on the first 6 to NZ$5 each:
Killerbyte, Terrorbyte, Exacerbyte, Flashbyte, Soundbyte, Databyte, Psychobyte, Metabyte, Qubyte, Cryptobyte, Vaporbyte … still two to come!

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