Blinded by Rainbows

It’s been pouring with rain all day here. The type of rain that floods the yard and street. The kind of rain that saturates shoes within minutes. I didn’t even get to the bus stop with dry feet. So that was it for me. I refuse to spend the day with wet cold feet. That just seems like opening the way for more bloody germs this winter.

1. I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. It’s a combo of the weather and fucking stupid life shite. Stormy weather and constant rain. Wet clothes. Sodden grass. Cold. Waterproof hiking shoes that aren’t waterproof anymore. None of those things appeals to me at all. Can’t even get the washing dry in the carport at the moment because the wind is driving the rain right through it.

2. I was trying to find something less irritating … grasping at straws really. Is it wine o’clock yet?

3. Sales are shite. Despite a huge sale at the moment. As usual, I can’t give books away. The first from each series is free at Smashwords the rest are all 50% off. Byte Series. Veronica Tracey.
What a waste of time.

4. If I had the energy I could use some modelling paste (the edible kind) and have a go at making the Harley I want to make. (It’s a cake topper.) The whole thing needs to be crafted from modelling paste, and then painted with edible paint – there will be a lot of shiny silver paint and a lot of black. Also, lots of small parts! And I think it’ll be really fun but I don’t have the energy at the moment.

5. My wrist doesn’t want me to do much. Very annoying. But then, it’s not going to get better by itself and apparently, surgery isn’t a “guarantee” because of the type of damage to my wrist, so I guess I just have to put up with it forever. The only times it wasn’t annoying AF was when I had COVID and then when I had the flu. Doing absolutely nothing is the only way to stop it from driving me crazy.
That’s not feasible. Boy am I lucky I have such a high pain threshold. [Insert eye-roll here]

6. Amazon wanted me to do a survey about the last book that 9mm Press published, [Leave a message]. When it reached the sales amount and started at 50K, I exited the survey. It went up to over 5 million. Seriously? Are they insane?
More like <$40
They’re dreaming.
That didn’t help me feel any joy either.

7. Countdown owes me two lots of refunds from two different orders and one of them dates back to fucking EASTER. They don’t seem to be able to tell me why the “loaded” refunds were not paid. I have contacted them three times regarding this matter. I don’t think the “Olive assistant” program they use is working properly.
What is wrong with people?

8. Pretty sure I missed a Tee-public sale, must’ve because it’s not on at the moment!

9. The slow cooker is making my favourite casserole. It’s one the Mothership used to make. There will be complaining and so forth. I do not care. 🙂

10. Had a fab video call with bestie/sis last night. Chrissy can always make me laugh.

11. Significant birthday party date is Dec 10th. Feels a long way away at the moment but I know the rest of the year will fly by and I’ll still be trying to sort the cake toppers at the beginning of Dec. 🙂 My one is much simpler than My Knight’s!

12. Next month Superman and I are flying to Sydney for a week thanks to the generosity of my youngest son and his lovely fiancée. We’re going to meet baby Aspyn (great-granddaughter and granddaughter, respectively) and be there for her first birthday party! Before we go I need to print our international vaccine passes, and tickets, and get Whitakers chocolate, toffee pops, and baby fish.

13. Luckily we have a spare suitcase (now it’s the only functioning suitcase because I broke mine on the way back from the South Island.) Took a bit of finding as it was under Freda’s bed and I think it’d been there for a few years untouched. Pleased I don’t have to buy another one though as they’re a stupid price and book sales are shite.

14. I only have two playlists to add to the playlist page. I’m getting there.

15. Buy me a coffee is kinda cool but maybe I should change it to “help me buy some new waterproof hiking shoes”?

16. Usually being in a totally shit mood is a precursor to a migraine. That promises to be fun shortly!

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