What’s the catch?

If you follow me and Pete Turner on Twitter and you haven’t read any of my work and you would like to read something … The 1st 10 people to DM me with an email address will get an email with an ePub attached. No strings. I’m nice like that. (FBI thriller or very Kiwi Spy/PI)
Just hop into my Twitter DM’s. I’m happy to give away some books this weekend.

The thing is, it’s actually quite hard to give stuff away, sometimes. Other times people line up around the block for freebies. It’s a tad nuts really because there seems to be no way to predict how it will go.
At the moment I can’t seem to give anything away. FYI, They’re bloody good reads. 🙂

That’s pretty much what’s happening this weekend. I’m also writing. Getting stuck into [Foxtrot Mike Lima].
And I did an interview that an old friend asked me to do. I’ll post a link when it’s live. Doing that reminded me of the fun I had interrogating various authors a few years ago (I think it was quite a few years ago), and it got me wondering if I should bring back a series of author interrogations.
I’m definitely thinking about it. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to be interrogated. If you remember the series I did and you’d like to be part of it again – then stick your hand up! 🙂

I’m quite smitten with my new pens. The yellow is perfect and the pens write beautifully. I went with blue ink instead of black because I like blue ink. 🙂
In case you’re wondering: [Foxtrot Mike Lima] has a black Moleskine. [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] had a blue Moleskine, and [Lure the Lie] had red. They’re pocket-sized and soft-covered which is perfect. There is also a pocket-sized Cahier blank notebook that I slide under the elastic band so it’s always with my notebook and it contains specific info for this series of books – word lists, espionage stuff, codes, and whatnot.


2 thoughts on “What’s the catch?

  1. I’m excited to hear you’re deep in the middle of another Ronnie Tracey story. She’s a great character, and I keep wanting to know more about Emily, too. At any rate, I love those pens – don’t blame you for wanting them.

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