Last Man Standing.

It’s a week until The byte Series Volume Four launches. I don’t know how to mark that. I’ve never really done much for the launch of the boxed sets. I do know the first boxed set launched on Halloween so I chose to launch the last boxed set on Halloween.
I do have quite a bit of cool merch sitting around from various launches. A merch giveaway is on the cards but it would have to be within New Zealand. If I did a giveaway in NZ I could also add a paperback to the prize.
There is a possibility of some download codes (and that’s something accessible worldwide) for maybe The byte Series Volume One (which was revamped last week to include the corrected versions of Killerbyte and Lost Highway).
So I guess I could do that?


Historically it’s been a waste of time running any sort of competition – even one as simple as a giveaway.
Think on it for a minute and let me know what you think.

Next Saturday I’m teaching my crime writing course again. Exciting stuff.
I have added to my notes – because things evolve with time. So now I have even more. I do need to reprint some of them and change the order a bit. I found that with teaching crime the whole thing needs to be fluid and I can’t adhere to strict lesson plans … it’s a big topic with a lot of moving parts, so much so it’s hard to pick a definite starting point. Everything interacts in a crime novel. You can’t have fantastic characters and a shitty plot or vice versa. But characters and plot are two indepth subjects and can’t be in the same lesson. Lesson’s are only 2 hours long! 🙂
I eeny-meany-miny-moed it to choose if character or plot comes first. Character one. 🙂
I’m very much looking forward to teaching my favourite subject again.


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