Hello Again.

I few things from over the weekend. Two of them caused much frustration, I have pictures, so stick around.
The other thing this weekend was the creation of the byte Series boxed set Volume four! It’s available for preorder now and launches on October 31st.

Let’s get into this then shall we?
In 2014 (yep, we’re going back in time), my publisher then (Rebel ePublishers) decided to rebrand my series. The sixth book was launching (databyte) and a new cover was commisioned for killerbyte. Fine, the butterfly made no sense on the killerbyte cover but it’s pretty and it brought it in line with the databyte cover and they had a plan to have new covers on the other four books as well. (The butterfly makes total sense from Terrorbyte through to Databyte). No problem. Pretty new cover, new trim size, new formatting.
And that’s where the trouble started.
But no one knew about it until this fucking year!! WTF?
So, three people THIS YEAR, have said there is a passage out of place. What, I thought? I couldn’t find it. Okay, can’t be too bad then? But, the most recent person gave me the chapter number. Great. I checked it in my copy, my kindle copy, my ePub … and fuck me, the beginning of chapter 28 made no sense. Thing is, I didn’t where it really belonged.
I grabbed the original paperback from when Rebel was South African (and books used to sell).
Sure enough the beginning of chapter 28 was wrong. I searched through the book and found that the passage (and it’s not just a sentence, oh no!) was moved from the end of chapter 30 to the beginning of chapter 28. FUCK.
I then spent about 4 hours on Saturday, fixing the killerbyte file which meant I also had to re-create the first boxed set. Yeah, that’s right, the fucked file was used in that too.
How did it slip through?
It wasn’t a re-edit, it was new formatting (which is the trouble started), and a new cover.
Clearly, it was never checked.
How fun is that?
Did I want to spend my weekend fixing a mistake that happened in 2014?
No. I did not.
Up shot is if you have the original cover and original eBooks of killerbyte, then you are fine. It’s all good.
If you have the cover with the blue butterfly … go update your eBooks. You should be able to download the new version from your usual retailer.
I am not doing a new print run of paperbacks yet, mostly because Auckland is still Level 3, so, no point attempting that at the moment. But when it’s possible I will print new paperbacks with the fixed files for the bookshop.
Meanwhile … nothing I can do. And, it’s really pissed me off.
Amazon has the corrected paperback file – it was uploaded on Saturday evening and is now live.

If you want to know where and what … here’s the original with everything in the right place. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hello Again.

  1. Ugh! I am so sorry to hear this happened to you! I’ve found mistakes here and there in my books, but usually quickly enough to fix them before too much damage was done. I can’t even imagine… I’m just glad you were able to fix it at all, and that there are corrected copies out there!

    • I can’t believe it was like that for so many years! So frustrating. But at least it’s fixed now and all the “fixed” digital copies and the Amazon paperback are out in the world. I expect to come across small things like the odd missing speech mark or some such, but not an entire passage moved to the wrong place! 🙂

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