Stuff is happening …

Kia ora.
Been quite a busy week and more to come.

1. The date for teaching an Introduction to Crime Writing is fast approaching. (I better check in with Wellington Community Education Centre and see what the numbers look like – there’s a minimum we need to go ahead, fingers crossed we are passed the minimum because this a really fun course to teach! And according to my class earlier this year – I’m a fun and informative tutor, who tells it like it is.)
2. I’ve been referred to a surgeon who will hopefully say he can repair the central TFCC tear in my right wrist and give me a surgery date. (Everything that can be crossed is crossed!) It’d be super awesome to have no pain!
3. Tomorrow we have a meeting of the minds to get more of our play ‘Hey, Poodle!” written. That’ll be fun. Big fun.
4. [Leave a message] is moving along quite well. I know I need to get this book almost complete before any surgery date so I’m going to have to put some serious hours into it from now on. No more messing around!
5. I just finished reading John Grisham’s “The Broker” and found the ending lack lustre. The story was good and I enjoyed the read just not the ending.
6. Currently reading The Way of the bodyguard by Nick Spill. It is a really interesting look inside the world of a bodyguard and if that is the job you want to do – then grab this book and see what you are getting yourself into!
7. Next up is First Casualty by Toby Harnden, I’m really looking forward to this read. Have heard a lot about it. It’s been sitting on my Kindle for a week, I think.
8. Diesel and Patrick are now buddies. I’ve ordered a head-halter for Diesel to hopefully stop him pulling. (I’m hoping it arrives today but I haven’t had a shipping email from MightyApe yet!)
9. The other WIP, Life in the Leaves, is waiting for me to get back to it. Almost half way in that story I think. I’m in no rush to get back to it, I need to get the third Ronnie Tracey book finished.
10. Everyone is our house is fully-vaccinated. If you’re not vaccinated take advantage of the vaccination events around the country tomorrow! NZ needs you to do your part and help protect the vulnerable from COVID. Be a good Kiwi.

One more thing: Some people are concerned that the Argylle book (not yet released) by Ellie Conway could be a rip-off of my work. There is no way to know that, there is no information regarding that book or the author. Zero info out in the interwebs about that author. I’ve heard quite a few concerns. People are contacting me and saying it seems too like my Byte Series. The only thing I can say is, I don’t know enough about Argylle. I’ve read the movie logline and it sounds more like a female ‘Bourne’ movie than anything I’ve written.
Still it is interesting that so many people are reaching out to me about this.

Once again – I am not Ellie Conway. Ellie Conway is the main character in the Byte Series. She’s been around twenty years as my MC. I am Cat Connor the creator of SA Ellie Conway – the character. She is FBI not a spy. (PS: Ellie writes poetry not novels.)
If anyone has real information which in this case would have to be excerpts from Argylle so we can compare them to my work then reach out. I’m sure my lawyer would be interested.
I’d like to think that Penguin did their due diligence here and there is nothing to worry about.

I think that will do.
Take care.


2 thoughts on “Stuff is happening …

  1. I’m fully vaccinated also, as is everyone in family, siblings and their kids etc. My copyright disclaimer gives everyone the right to copy and re-publish, my thinking is that most of what is in Fuel for the Mind and Soul is quotes etc., so e.g. “Every blade of grass is a gift from God – Jason Remfrey”, and getting out there more, is my thinking on that one, plus it’s all about giving some good vibes, I hope! 🙂

    • That’s awesome, Jason.
      My copyright, however, is mine, and no one has the right to my characters or my work – because, I did all the research, I wrote the 1.5 million words in the Byte Series and I have kids to support. BUT, in saying that, 50% of the proceeds from ‘Whispers in the water’ which is a poetry and short story collection from the series, go to a Kiwi organisation for PTSD.
      I’m not heartless, I just need to be able to support my kids. 🙂

      I’m loving your good vibes, Jason. 🙂

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