In My Secret Life

Thanks to Leonard Cohen for the blog title (yes, there will be a link down below to this track). It’s probably no secret to anyone here that I grew up with Leonard Cohen loving parents. So, I’m a wee bit familiar with his music and poems. Anywho, moving right along.
The reason I chose ‘In My Secret Life’ for today’s blog title … because I was thinking about secrets, well, more secret agents, but you know, close enough. 🙂

I got a review for [Lure the lie] today. Yes, this goes against my sanity driven rule of not reading reviews. It’s pretty darn good. I learned a few things about my book.
It’s not the first time someone has said it was thrilling, but for me I’m still too close to it so I don’t see that. I don’t even think I can see this one as a entire work. Weird, huh?
I’m still seeing it scene by scene. But, that might be because I haven’t read it as a published book. (My copy is sitting on my bed head, it’s time I forgot it was mine and just enjoyed the story.) Last time I read it was the final read before we approved the book for publishing and it buggered off to the printer.
The other reason, could have something to do with me writing the next book (same characters), and being quite deep in their world of secrets and lies – and it might be set in New Zealand, but, we play on a large stage and always have.
What I wanted to write was a spy novel but I wasn’t sure I actually had.
Now I think, maybe I did. 🙂 And maybe I am?

I loved writing [Lure the lie], I loved [Nothing happens here] too … and I’m very much enjoying writing [Leave a message]. These characters are fun for me. Mostly. Nana can be kinda annoying and Donald is most definitely annoying, but they all work. Something gels. Something holds this bunch of individuals together. Me? Perhaps?

“… a thrilling story of modern-day spies and their methods, it is a reminder that like it or not, New Zealand is part of the international world in which they operate.”

Do you know what though?
I don’t think anyone has mentioned the dowsing yet. (Yes, I said dowsing.)

“This is a refreshingly original novel, and a cracking good read.”


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