It’s about relationships …

I woke up this morning to lots of messages about Ellie Conway.
Now, as far as I’m concerned, she is the main character in the Byte Series and my very best imaginary friend. That’s it. End of story.

For years my website has occupied space here. I’ve talked about Ellie quite regularly over those years and all of a sudden she’s a hot topic. Except it’s not her. It’s an author. I imagine she’s not so thrilled that my website comes up first in Google searches for her name. That’s what happens in life. It’s just the way it is. Perhaps one day we’ll meet. 🙂

So, to all you wonderful people who have stopped by looking for Ellie Conway. The only Ellie here is SAC Ellie Iverson neé Conway.
She’s the star of 13 novels and so many short stories. And would probably get a kick out of this sudden interest in her name – although maybe not?
And yes, they are available in paperback and eBooks … there’s even one hardback. You can even find her stories on the SCREAM app.
I can’t talk to Ellie about this right now but I can reach out to Crockett – please be aware that he’s not always willing …

This is Crockett, it’s been brought to my attention that there is someone else with Iverson’s maiden name, Conway. That’s not ideal. A few years back there were a spate of murders in Virginia – they were all Conway women. Even one woman who was a Gabrielle (like Ellie) and who had a Navy connection (like Ellie). Clearly, the person did not kill SSA Conway … but her family and colleagues thought he had for a little while. I learned about this after the fact from long conversations with Iverson’s husband, Mitch. I didn’t get to know Iverson as well as Delta knew her, and I didn’t know her long, but she’s was one helluva agent and has my respect.
Now, there’s another Ellie Conway? They’re big shoes to fill and that’s a dangerous name to have in our world.
I wish her luck.


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