Attached to tech?

I am. I have no problem admitting it. Tech is my lifeline. It’s how I communicate with my partner every day. It’s the only way we survived 18 months apart, and now, we’re back to FaceTime and texts because that 5000km (and change) distance requires tech.
It’s no secret that I love my MacBook. I really do. I call it Mac (original, I know) and it goes everywhere with me. It’s been running almost non-stop for over 6 years.
Mac is at the end of his life.
I made the decision today to replace him. Not an easy decision at all, especially when it’s a fairly hefty outlay all in one hit. But that’s what savings are for right? Last year it was a new washing machine. This year, Mac needs replacing. It’s not a luxury item, it’s a tool. It’s what I work on every day.
But still, I’ve put it off for quite a while.
We’ve been down the new battery road – two years ago.
And that’s already failing.
The highly annoying intermittent fault is getting less intermittent but it’s still random. Nothing quite as annoying as a computer that shuts down whenever it likes with zero warning … and then sometimes, it’s a trick. And it doesn’t shut down but pretends it has and refuses to wake back up, until the swearing starts. (At times I think Siri just likes winding me up.)
Sadly, tech ages.
It doesn’t do so gracefully either.
So before ol’ Mac decides to throw a real wobbly and refuse to restart, it’s replacement time.
Of course I can’t call the new MacBook, Mac … because this one is Mac.
Oddly Jolene popped into my brain while walking to the docs this arvo, but I’m not sure I want a computer called Jolene.
No doubt a suitable name will come to me, and we’ll spend the next 6-7 years being best buds.
I’m kinda excited about a new MacBook … and a working trackpad again, OMG, that’ll be heaven! Mine threw a fit two years ago and has only worked sometimes since. Using a mouse is really hard on my now fucked wrist.
And the new ‘Mac’ is gold coloured. Not that that matters as I always have a hard shell protective case on my tech. In fact, I’m not sure what colour Mac is under this orange hard shell. Silver, maybe.
Before the new one arrives I need to move the contents of my download file to a flash drive, and that’s pretty much it. Everything else is stored in the cloud. Pretty sure I have a flash drive big enough to accommodate my downloads.
Meanwhile, today was kinda shitty and I’m kinda shitty.
Just over being in pain. It’s gotten to the point where I’m angry and frustrated. It’d be nice to be able to do things without pain, currently that’s not even on the horizon. It’s another three weeks until I see the specialist again and he tells me what the next step is; possibly is a cast on my wrist to fully immobilise it and try to avoid surgery. Yeah, seems like a waste of time to me. All I know is that the MRI was twenty minutes of zero pain because of the sand bags on my wrist … so if we could replicate that, I’d be happy.
For now there is tequila because the anti-inflammatories aren’t doing shit anymore.
So, that’s what’s up.
Hope you’re all good.

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Patrick approves!


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