“Inside Quote Marks”

Inside Quote Marks: a Writers Plot Bookshop event introducing NZ authors to readers.

And it’s happening on Sept 5th, 2021. How exciting is that? (Very, in case you were wondering!)
“Inside Quote Marks” is an authors/readers day. We are holding the event at the Professionals Recreation Hall (next to the city council building and Whirinaki Whare Taonga). 

We have x number of tables available for authors at $30 per table. Authors could even share with a fellow author and therefore cut the cost in half. (We’re all good with however our authors decide to do this!)

Preference is given to Upper Hutt and Wellington Region authors (obviously) but if any authors are keen and come from further afield put your name down – all expressions of interest should be emailed to:
writersplotreadersread@outlook.com and put “Inside Quote Marks” as the subject title!
We actually have quite a bit of room so there’s a good chance we can fit everyone who is keen. (Will have approx table count soonish)

What we need: 
1. Volunteers on the day who can help set up tables from 8AM-9:30AM and then help pack away from 5-6PM. 
FYI Caro and Cat currently have their right-arms pretty well out of action so are unable to help with anything physical like the silly ol’ tables and lifting boxes of books. So, helpers are very much needed. Would be great if we could have some volunteers to help out during the day as well.
2. Expressions of interest regarding tables. If you want one say so early please! The cut off date is Aug 30th, all payments must be made by the 30th of August.
3. Things you need to do if you are keen on coming: Sort out mobile Eftpos or have your bank details handy for readers. Make sure you have some change. Bring your happy face and wear comfortable clothes and shoes!
4. Think about bookmarks, posters, etc. Give thought to how you will display your books … make it eye-catching and fun. You can do whatever you want. 

A reminder:
This event is for YA and Adult authors. We’d LOVE to hear from all our YA and Adult authors and want as many as possible to come along. We want readers to meet you and you to meet readers. We have amazing talent in the Wellington Region (and NZ) and much of it happens behind closed doors with no one any the wiser! It’s high time the secrets were exposed. Writers lurk everywhere. 🙂

Facebook event link

As we go on more details will emerge – updated this to include a brief overview of the day.


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