Once again it’s July 3rd

July the third keeps happening which is actually a good thing I suppose. I haven’t like July 3rd much for many years. Thirty-eight years actually. It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, that’s the time thing. It does heal or minimise, but I never forget. The sound of his laugh and the timber in his voice disappeared about thirty years ago, and I would very much like to hear that again. (Maybe one day.)
Today used to be an AC/DC day with a fair bit of Rolling Stones and some Black Sabbath. Now it’s just whatever is on the radio and I really quite dislike listening to AC/DC.

Raid 22/08/65 – 03/07/83

Apart from the whole 3rd of July thing … today databyte launched on the Scream app. That’s pretty darn cool.

Databyte will always be one of the most fun books to write. So, if you haven’t read it … here’s a wee tip: There is 50% off all the Byte Series books over at Smashwords this month.
You can download kindle files and ePub via Smashwords, in case you were about to grizzle about using a kindle or kindle app to read. 🙂 Got you covered there.
One other thing to add and it’s not about an app or e-files.
Raidbyte is only available as a hardback, and let me tell you, it’s glorious. It’s the final collection of longer shorts from the Byte Series and made specifically for fans of the series. Some things you didn’t know emerge and a few things fall into place. : )
The title of Raidbyte serves a dual purpose for me. It’s not just a redundant array of independent disks. Well worth a read to, by the way. We’re quite pleased with it and it’s a hardback!! I mean, who doesn’t love a hardback??

Right that’s it from me for the weekend. I’m off to spend the next few days with My Knight before he leaves on a jet plane and life is less fun.


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