Gearing up …

Counting down the days until I teach my crime writing course for the second time. It’s pretty darn exciting. I love teaching crime. It’s so much fun. Hopefully, they’ll learn a lot and enjoy the experience. Also, I won’t be masked while teaching because I have someone who lip-reads in the class.

Anywho, today the research topic for [Leave a message] is Directed Energy Attacks. I’m not going to mention the other topic because it’ll give too much away regarding the plot but it’s something pretty cool (if a cause of death can ever be cool). The manner of death, in this case, is most definitely homicide despite what it initially looks like.
[Leave a message] has gotten a little twisty and a tad dark. Just like my mind, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Kinda thought I could lighten it a bit by bringing Nana and Donald into the main story thread, but, that might just make it worse! Best they stay where they are, I suppose.
This story is making me think, that’s not a bad thing, but it is mentally taxing. By the end of the day, my brain has pretty well had enough.
Wind down at the moment consists of binge-watching Chicago Fire on Netflix and then reading until I fall asleep and drop my kindle. That’s why I like reading on my kindle at night. Doesn’t matter if I fall asleep and drop it, I don’t lose my page. 🙂 It does take me a while to get through books this way though.
The meds I take to prevent my brain from *exploding mean I can’t read for long at night before falling asleep. I reserve actual books for daytime reading.
I am hoping I’ll be able to get a couple of chapters written in the next day or so and push [Leave a message] toward the finish line.

Planning on getting another lot of dried fruit prepared and soaking tomorrow, for Christmas cake number two. I’ll bake it on Friday. Toying with the idea of making two smaller cakes this time instead of another big one. The best thing about Christmas is the cake and fruit mince pies.

Doris asked me if I’d make toffee apples for Halloween. I guess I will? Haven’t made toffee apples in a very long time. (About six years?) I’m not sure when I will have time to make them. I imagine it’ll be a Saturday evening thing and it’ll involve colourful turns of phrase. Toffee can be a pain in the bum to make. But at least she didn’t ask for pavlova because that truly hates humidity. Wouldn’t mind making fudge and coconut ice. But we’ll see.

*Probably won’t actually explode from the fun that is migraine disease. Migraine (māhunga ānini) is a disabling, neurological disease. It causes severe headaches that are usually on one side of your head and can make you sensitive to light and noise. You can also have nausea (feeling sick) and vomiting (being sick) with a migraine attack.

Me, a pumpkin mask, and my favourite poster. Bookshop life!

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