Octo 31st, 2021

Happy Halloween, if that’s your thing. It’s not so much mine. Some of my kids do enjoy the Halloween thing. I used to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve once upon a time, with a big family dinner and places set for those we’ve lost (in Wiccan fashion). Now I don’t have a table we all fit around. So instead, I hold a place in my heart and will play a few songs that remind me of those of us on the other side of the veil. So there will be a bit of Leonard Cohen and some Iron Maiden played here today. And whatever else I feel like.

In other news: The byte Series Volume Four launches today. This is the final boxed set that you’ve been waiting for. As with the other three boxed sets, this is a digital boxed set. No one in their right mind would create physical boxed sets these days. What with the expense of printing and paper shortages and whatnot.
I do very much love the fourth set’s cover. It really captures the moment. 🙂

Yesterday was the first class in the crime writing course I’m teaching. Was lovely to meet my students. I always feel bad at the end of the first class though, there’s a lot to get through.
Late yesterday afternoon I emailed them all a PDF so they can go over things and also a wee homework assignment. ‘Know your why.’
We’ll take that further next time and apply it to characters. Know your characters why. That’s what drives them to do what they do.

I should probably pop over to Tee Public and add the 4th boxed set cover to a hoodie or a tee shirt! I noticed this morning there is a sale on at Tee Public. Oh, look at that I did it already. 🙂
You’re welcome.

I guess that’s it for me today. Have a happy whatever you celebrate and go buy that final boxed set, make an author happy.


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