Pirates are arseholes, end of story.

Clear enough?
If a story has my name on it, then I wrote it, and the copyright belongs to me. No question. And I should be paid for that work.
Downloading a story for free is theft.
(Unless you got a code from the author or publisher or the story is offered free via a reputable seller. In my case that will only happen via Smashwords.)
My work is not free. Do your due diligence before subscribing to a site offering free books.
Creatives should never be expected to give away their work for free. You don’t give away a years salary so why expect other people to do that?
If you think a book is written in a couple of weeks, you’re wrong.
It takes almost a year for me to write a book (and people think it’s okay to steal a year’s work??)
Fuck right off with the entitled attitude.

FYI most authors I know giveaway a fair few books a year – just ask. But repeatedly asking, and expecting the whole series for free. That’s definitely taking the piss.
You think it costs nothing to write … Do you eat? Do live in a house? Do you have dependents? Do you require electricity? Tools? How do you pay for your life?
Oh, you work?
So. Do. Authors!
And yet people justify stealing our work and say it’s a victimless crime.
It is NOT.
We need to eat, pay rent or a mortgage, support children etc. Just like everyone else. We’re not magical beings that don’t require sustenance.


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