Yes, it’s Tuesday. It’s been busy here. No, I’ve been busy. Not so much the girls. 🙂
Saturday’s Crime Writing Session was mostly about characters (also POV and openings), Creating people to populate a novel is a big topic. I fired off quite a few PDF’s on Sunday evening, to my students. I felt bad about that, to be honest. There was a lot. I could’ve whacked it all in one, but I didn’t.
This week the topic is plotting. I’ll explain my plot rainbow and use Snakebyte to do so. Such fun.

What else was I doing?
Well, writing and reading.

I finished Nick Spill’s The WAY of the Bodyguard. If you think being a bodyguard might be your thing, read Nick’s book. He doesn’t sugarcoat the life. I read it because I’m a writer (and I’ve written all sorts of characters, including CPD’s). It gave me a fantastic insight into the WAY of the bodyguard. If I needed a bodyguard I’d choose Nick, every time.
Nick’s sense of humour comes through, you can’t take the kiwi out of someone.
I wonder if Amazon will let me leave a review yet?
Have a bought enough books this year??
I’ll go have a look later.
FYI, Nick also writes fiction: Spy novels. The Jaded Trilogy, set in NZ during the 70’s and awesome. Available from Writers Plot Bookshop (and Amazon)

I am currently reading First Casualty by Toby Harnden. Enjoying it so far, I thought I would, so no surprise there. It’s one of those books that makes me wish I could read during the day.
But, daytime is writing/bookshop/formatting/editing/teaching notes/household things/family time.
It takes me a while to read these days because I read late at night and the new migraine prevention meds make me sleepy. (I prefer sleepy to migraines.)

Writing – working on [Leave a message], making a fair bit of progress there, so yay. Just quietly, it looks like I’m on track to get this to my editor by the end of summer. (I almost said Christmas, ha, no.)

Bit of a grizzle about Guy Fawkes:
I do not enjoy the fireworks and the stupidity surrounding Guy Fawkes Day. I can see zero point in us celebrating a failed act of terror, especially here in New Zealand. Does anyone these days even know who Guy Fawkes was or what he did? 1605 was a bloody long time ago. Do they even still teach this in school?
I think this ridiculousness should just slip away and all crackers and fireworks banned.
Diesel agrees. He’s tired of trying to determine cracker bangs from gunshots. 🙂
He is also tired of the bullshit from the youths (actually it’s just one that seems to cause ALL the trouble) that hang out at our neighbour’s place.
The most common phrase in our house at the moment is: “Your Mastiff is showing.”

One last thing – If you want to be able to take part in society and travel – get your COVID vaccination. If you don’t, then, don’t be whining when you can’t go anywhere or do anything.


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