For The Good Times.

I’m sitting in my bed surrounded by notebooks and pens (mine, of course).
The open page of the notebook I’m using for [Leave a message] says: Beef Crockett up, it’s time he earned his legend status.
I’m not sure how he’s going to prove himself to Ronnie yet, but, seems like he’s going to at least try. Guess I’ll stick around and see what happens. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

True to form I’m listening to music. It happens to be country music today. Two reason’s: country suits Crockett (yeah, go figure) and I’m pretty sure the ‘tard next door won’t like it.
That is where I’m at with the ‘tard neighbour.
His roaring, banging, crashing, and fucking awful rap shite – needs blocking out.

My brain is a little bit dodgy today. Since starting the new migraine prevention meds I’ve been pretty good. Had two or maybe three migraines in the last six weeks, and they were easier to deal with. But big changes in the barometer are still affecting my brain. Feels like there’s a storm coming. Might just get ahead of this real quick before things get ugly.

Tomorrow I’m teaching lesson three in my Crime Writing course. Lesson three is all about plotting, beat sheets, and pacing. I love it. I get to use my character/plot rainbow.
Remember that?
I’m excited to use that again. πŸ™‚
Now I just have to remember to take my copy of Snakebyte (that contains the rainbow of post-it flags) with me tomorrow.
Much easier to understand if you can see what I’m talking about.
Fun times ahead.

I really need to get some words written today. Serious progress would be nice. So, I shall go see how far this country music will get me with Crockett. I really hope I don’t need to resort to AC/DC. Turns out that is a band that you can have enough of, and I most assuredly reached saturation point by 1990. Don’t care to ever hear them again.
The song I hate the most is Back is Black followed closely by Thunderstruck and Highway to Hell.
Just because Crockett’s an Aussie doesn’t mean he has to like AC/DC.
For all I know, he might really like Keith Urban. (Fingers crossed.) (You all know he’s a kiwi, right? Not actually Australian. He was born in Wanganui.)

Not sure if there is D&D at our place this arvo. Doris is about to go on study leave to prepare for NCEA exams which for start on Dec 1st.
Because I’m not sure, I decided not to bake or make calzone or do anything that would feed a gathering of teenagers. I usually make sure they’re fed, but, there’s a storm coming and I need to write. πŸ™‚


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