Character, plot, what now?

Character, plot, rainbow! No it’s a thing, stop looking like that. It’s a fucking thing because I created it last night with all the post it flags and a copy of Snakebyte, and tequila. Yeah, I’m not kidding. Just ask anyone I was talking to last night while delightedly flashing my Snakebyte/rainbow. Sounds rude. It was not.
Hold it, let me just run through that whole character, plot, rainbow thing real quick in my mind … nope, not rude. Carry on.
Curious? Or are you wondering how much tequila was involved with this post?
It’s like you know me … but also, jokes on you, it’s Pinot Noir.
You’re welcome.
So, anyway, I created this way of plotting … yeah, me, plotting. Clearly a tequila moment!
Don’t panic, I have not lost my mojo.
I just wanted to explain how it all works while using ALL the fucking post-it flag colours. Don’t pretend you’d settle for two. We all know you wouldn’t. I nearly settled for four because I couldn’t quite figure out the fifth piece of joy.
But, after a wee chat with an old mate (no offence, Mark) … the final post-it flag fell into place.
It goes like this:
Pink = character (both good and bad stuff regarding the main character)
Orange = back story (relevant only)
Green = main plot (it’s like a bloody octopus!)
Purple = sub plots (yes, plots, nothing is ever straight forward!)
Blue = Action (self explanatory … shit hits the fan, bullets fly, people get hurt – fun stuff)
When you put it all together it shows you where all the things are happening.
In the first 15 pages of Snakebyte we have character, back story (nicely woven), main plot, more character. [= jumping into the story and finding out what’s going on and why there are so many empty tequila bottles in the recycling – or something like that] Approx 10% of story
From pages 16-28 we have main plot, character, sub plot 1 & sub plot 3, main plot, and action. [= the investigation starts and all is not what it seems … is it ever?] Approx at the 19% mark.
30-58 = action, sub plot 2, character, main plot, action, character, sub plot 1. [Minding your own business and wham, here comes a fucknob to screw up the day! Also, bit shifty character wise at this point, probably needs to clean house.] 40%
58-83 = character, sub plot 1, main plot, action, action [= they think they might be on the right track but are they really?] 58%
84-99 = main plot, sub plot 4, sub plot 1, main plot, action, character, action. [= holy shit balls batman, didn’t see that coming. Let’s see how this plays out?] 69%
100-120 = main plot, main plot, character, action, back story, character, main plot, back story, character, action. [= sneaky subversive shit and a fire fight, this is worse than we thought!] 83%
121-132 = character, main plot, action, sub plot 5, character, main plot, action, action. Resolution of some of the main plot. [= does no one tell the truth? Whoa, bet he feels a bit silly about now?] 92%
133-143 = back story, character, full main plot resolution, character. [We got this. Would someone like to take me out for dinner please?] 100%
So, clearly this is not a novel. It’s a novella. Hence I added percentages (look at me doing math while drinking).

So that up there ^^^^^ that’s a character plot rainbow! 🙂


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