Sometimes I wonder …

I spend quite a bit of time thinking/wondering, to be honest. It’s kinda part of the whole “I’m a writer” thing. If I didn’t wonder about things then stories and books wouldn’t be written. They’re basically me thinking with my fingers on the keyboard. Sometimes it’s subconscious, other times it isn’t. Anyway, the other day I started to think about something Kid7 has been on about for years, what if Terrorbyte ended a different way?
How would that change my main character’s life?
How would that change the way the series played out?
What would’ve happened differently?
How would that change her character logline? Clearly, that changed with the series. Different aspects of her life grew in importance and the thing that initially drove her is no longer there. But, if I changed how Terrorbyte ended, would that thing that that initially caused her to be who she was/is, stay? Would it drive her and Mac apart? Would that then open the door for her to grow, change, move past that ‘thing’ that she was adamant she would never be and be more like the Ellie we know from say Databyte onward?
Would Mac’s secrets be revealed? Would he tell the truth about who he was? Would Kurt ever be assigned to Delta A? What would happen to the plot lines? Would Metabyte play out the way it did? Would Dane and Stewart be involved in Delta A?
So, I explored that a wee bit with a pen. As you do.
Not so much beyond the end of Terrorbyte though, just what it would look like if that end was different. And, I discovered that a different end posed a whole heap of new conflicts and problems. The biggest, immediately, was … resentment.
It’s no secret that Ellie was pretty freaking angry with Mac because of what he did and how things went down. Imagine for a minute, that the moment that changed their lives forever, left him a paraplegic or crippled in someway. Potential brain damage as well as spinal damage. How would that shape the series?

Sometimes, as a writer, you need to just sit with something and let it come into being. Because the only way to truly tell how it would all play out, is to let it.

In life, we make decisions. There are those moments (we all have them) when things could’ve gone very differently. If we’d taken another path then all we know, wouldn’t exist.

One of the really wonderful things about being a writer is the opportunity given by words. We can change the course of history for our characters at those defining moments. We get to look into the future and decide which future our characters are going to live.
For better or worse.
In life, not so much. 🙂
Also, I believe in living a life without regrets. Decisions are made. Trajectories changed. I would not redo anything. We get one life (that we know of), why not live it to the fullest and embrace our decisions as the best ones at the time?
But, I can change my character’s worlds whenever I want … and maybe I do want?


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