Listen to the music.

I know, I’ve been quiet.
Actually, I haven’t been quiet but I’ve been quiet here. It’s a busy nineteen days – I have blogged in that time just not much.
Anywho, today I was teaching in the big city. I do enjoy it. Today’s topics were description, dialogue, and research. They do kinda go together in case you were wondering.
I also covered info-dumping. It all goes together.
Later (potentially tomorrow at this rate) I’ll send notes to everyone.
Right now I’m drinking copious amounts of tea. The wind seems to dehydrate me. I even remembered my water bottle today.
I really should (but we know I’m not) get some words on the page and move [Leave a message] along a bit quicker. I’ve had a few distractions lately and my writing days disappeared into baby cuddles and the inhalation of youth. 🙂 🙂
Thankfully I did the lawns when I got home yesterday so there is no real reason why I can’t disappear into Ronnie and Crockett’s world for the rest of the day/evening. I may well do that.
I also need to do something about Christmas and organising my girls for dinner with Superman when he’s up in early Dec. I have done sweet FA on both counts. Usually, I have Christmas sorted by now. I haven’t even given it proper thought yet!
The thing is I’m getting dangerously close to not being able to order things online and get them here in time for Christmas, yet, I’m still stuffing around!
Of course, yesterday (way too bloody late) I thought that the family recipe book needs updating! There is no time for that nonsense this year.
Probably won’t stop me though.
It should stop me, there are a hundred other things that need doing.
I need to clone myself.

Very good boys.

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