Timing is everything

Sometimes I wonder about the timing of things. Timing is everything, right? Certain things fall into place because the stars align or whatever, but, it’s timing. It was the right time.
Then there are those moments when you question the timing of an event or a happening. On the surface, it all seems perfect until you dig down, not even far, just a little way and the questions start. Was it innocent? Who initiated the meet? Why is the person so familiar? What’s really going on here? And you remember things that were said and connecting lines are drawn. You question your own thinking because surely, it’s a coincidence?
So, you push it down and leave it alone, but it keeps bobbing back up.
Sneaking in when you least expect it.
And there is nothing you can do to make it go away.

That up there ^^^ is what it’s like being a crime writer.

Random comments, no matter the context, are not random. Seemingly unrelated situations are linked somehow. Welcome to my brain. (If you’ve been around awhile, you know, my brain is called Brian. :))
Questioning everything is how stories are formed and shaped.

Fun, right?

Not many of my crime writing course to go for this round. I’m going to miss my 5:30 starts on Saturdays. 🙂


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