Time in a bottle …

13 days until [Leave a Message] launches.
Although the hardback and paperback are already live on Amazon – there was no way around that, I wanted author copies for the bookshop. Usually, I get my printing done in Auckland. Keep it all in NZ. But I needed to save some money so I opted to only print 5 copies for the shop.
(I can bring more in as needed, later.)
I’m not having a proper launch so there is no need to print many copies. It’s not really launching at all. Just kind of slipping quietly into the world.
Last year we had a quiet get-together with my writing group but I’m not even doing that this year.

There are times when I miss the way the Byte Series books launched. It was fun having big launches at the library and making the cakes. Fun, in hindsight. The process was pretty stressful in the lead-up. The actual launch nights tended to be a bit of a blur.

June 1st is launch day.
[Leave a message]
Ronnie’s speciality is finding people.
Crockett’s skill is problem-solving.
Ben’s strength is gathering intelligence.
All three are drawn into a potential crisis by a single word message. Exodus. It takes them off the grid and drops them into a situation involving a missing intelligence officer and the sudden death of a colleague. The circumstances surrounding the missing officer and the death tests their collective expertise and propels them down a dark rocky path that no one expected to navigate on New Zealand soil.


2 thoughts on “Time in a bottle …

  1. I wish you lots of success, and I hope you sell gazillions of copies! I know what you mean about keeping the launch low-key, though. In some ways, I think that’s better; certainly it’s easier! As you say, launches can be stressful, and the more involved it is, the more details there are.

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