Writing is like breathing.

Some day’s it’s like breathing fire other days you have lungs full of water. Then there is the magic. Words flow, characters come alive, scenes pop off the screen and you’ve created life.
Those days keep the other days from burning your lungs or drowning you.

I think the things that really keep me moving are when I hear from readers. When other people love Ellie Conway as much as I do. I will always love Delta A and Ellie. They’re part of me forever.
It did take quite a bit of effort to write something different.
But after two books with Crockett and Ronnie, I’ve found my groove. (I think!)
[Leave a message] will launch mid-year.
I’m already writing a new story. Originally there were only going to be 3 stories with Ronnie (Ben and Crockett) but my neighbours are such dicks that their crazy behaviour begged to be in a book … so, at the moment book 4 is called [Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo], I’m pretty sure I’ll change that. Or maybe I won’t??
Flowing easily so far. Fun too. I wasn’t sure what the real story was until something jumped out at me. Now I know. (ish) 🙂 🙂

Meanwhile, in Wellington, NZ, Camp COVID has hit a new low. Tin Foil hats. FFS.
Go home you fools. You do not speak for New Zealand so shut up and leave. The vast majority do not agree and do not want to hear your nonsense. (It amuses me to put that here because I’m sure they only read conspiracy theory websites or watch all those dumbass YouTube channels that play to their particular brand of idiocy.
Speaking of idiocy – the not-neighbours are awake. I guess the stupid will start any minute.

Be safe out there folks. Keep away from crazy people. In fact, keep away from people full stop. The Rona is everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Writing is like breathing.

  1. I know just what you mean about when the words flow. It just make the writing feel like, well, magic. It’s very good to hear you’re working on another Tracey/Crocker novel – I look forward to finding out their new doings, and I think it’s brilliant to have those not-neighbours in there. And trust me, I know all about the Camp Covid crazy types. We have our share of them here…

  2. I would like to think I’m a fish out of water but, perhaps am like an amphibian (NZ tree frog).

    I’m unsure of height and need to get climbing, writing, and used to air. (you have lungs not gills fool) My brain says stick with what you know even if it’s not that much while the mind asks when are we going to get breathing!

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