The BS neighbours

How was your Tuesday?

This is how mine was:
Home sick.
Not-Neighbours bullshit kicked off about 9am.
And carried on with even more losers turning up during the morning.

Of course, Bog Mouth doesn’t want to argue but argues constantly with Stupid Ben. She also low-key accused Stupid Ben of making the child sick because “she wasn’t sick when she dropped her off last night”. Crazy tart clearly doesn’t know anything about kids and illness.
It quietened down a bit and half the fucknobs left.

And then, Freda and Devon took Diesel for his walk. They got to our driveway coming home and the shitarse dog that seems to belong to Bog Joey (one of the Not-Neighbours) attacked them. I heard the noise and ran downstairs.
Freda managed to boot it in the ribs but it came back at them. Fuckwit not-neighbours were yelling at the dog. The Bog Joey couldn’t get his shit together to grab the dog and truly seemed to have no idea what was going on. (He’s the reason you don’t do drugs or drink while pregnant – learn that lesson people. The world doesn’t need any more fuckwits.)
When he finally did move I told him to tie the dog up. He looked at me like he didn’t understand basic English. I should’ve addressed in the manner his mother does, “You little n….r c…t tie your fucking bitch dog up.”
But alas, I just said, “Tie that dog up now.”
Bog Mouth was yelling, “Sorry neighbour.”
Yeah, that fixes everything. She’s always sorry but not self-aware enough to grasp what she’s doing.

Everybody is shaken. Really shaken.
Ranger was rung, report given. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get out and grab the dog.
Update, no one came out. The dog is still there. They are still useless and shouldn’t be allowed animals or near people.
It’s going to be a long time before any of us get over an attack in our driveway.
That dog has also had a go at the greyhound around the corner and on Saturday a small dog walked by an older man was its target.
The dog in question is a pretty dog and medium-sized huntaway, it’s also hand-shy. Doesn’t surprise me, I’ve heard it yelp a lot, so I guess they hit it. They have absolutely no control over the dog. They are disgusting and don’t know how to treat people let alone animals.

So, how did Freda’s birthday go?
Pretty fucking stressful thanks.
My head is going to explode.
The question is … if they cause my head to explode does that mean they will be gotten rid of??
And by ‘gotten rid of’ I mean permanently.

So, yeah, these people who don’t live next door but are always there (ALWAYS there) and have their shitty friends over all the time seem intent on ruining the street and our lives.
Does anyone care? No. The Bog Joey who “owns” the dog is 16. He can do whatever he bloody well wants because he’s a minor. Doesn’t matter how many complaints I make or how long I sit on hold to try and get something done about them – NOTHING HAPPENS. In case you’re wondering the average time I spend on hold per week because of the bullshit and terror these fuckwits put us through on a daily basis, it’s about two and a half hours. This afternoon it was 45 minutes before a person answered the phone.
I get a lot of, “You shouldn’t have to put up with this” “I’m really sorry” “This really sucks”
We are living in a war zone that is not our choice nor is it our making.
We’ve had MONTHS of bullshit.
I’m tired of making phone calls that end in zero action.
I asked if one of us has to be seriously injured or killed before anyone will get rid of these low-lifes.

Also, where do I send the bill for the hours spent trying to reach a human when I have to make so many calls to get someone to do nothing?
And therapy bills, where do I send those?
I can guarantee if they push me to snapping point and I retaliate then no one would have any trouble getting rid of us. So, this is a written record of yesterday 22/2/22. So far I have over 7K written about the Not-Neighbours. It’s been a running thread on Facebook. I’ve captured it all. It’s going into my next Ronnie and Crockett book which is my lastest WIP with the working title [Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Tango], you bet I’ll be using as many real names as I can and naming the agencies involved or not involved because they won’t act.


2 thoughts on “The BS neighbours

  1. I am so sorry to hear you’re having to put up with all of this, Cat! Those people seriously need to be arrested and the dog removed. At the very least. As you well know, dogs act as they learn from their owners. If that dog is that aggressive, I can guess where that came from!! If I had anything intelligent to offer, I would, but I don’t. I hope the police do something. Soon.

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