Road to nowhere.

Another week zapped by and here we are looking at another Saturday. I was supposed to be teaching crime writing today. It should’ve been the first lesson. But, Omicron has fucked that. About 40 classes were cancelled for Omicron related reasons. 😦 I get it though. To be honest with the muppet protest in the city I’m glad I don’t have to go in.
Not glad about missing the pay that goes along with teaching for six Saturdays. That hurts.
I am slowly getting my head around the pros and cons of offering my crime writing course online myself. I don’t want to do an in-person class at the moment. My next in-person teaching is scheduled for October.
I haven’t really started giving the online thing proper thought. Mostly because there are other things occupying my mind.
You’ve probably heard about our Not-Neighbours. They tend to make thought difficult with their constant bullshit. They cannot have a disagreement or discussion without taking it outside and making it loud enough for the whole street to hear. They also like to break things, smash things, chuck rubbish around, play the same stupid Herbs song over and over, and act like proper arseholes.
BUT, turns out, I’ve written over 6k while documenting their bullshit. I’ve done it in a way that stops my blood pressure sky-rocketing and allows the saga to be told. I had no idea how many of my friends were enjoying it!
So, I have all this … and I decided to use it as a running thread in a new Ronnie and Crockett book. I’ll make the Not-Neighbours Donald’s neighbours. Imagine the joy when the losers find out who he is married to?? Or maybe they’ll just bury them in the backyard. Either way, they die and that is the only way to make the world a better place. These people are not self-aware enough to grasp what they’re doing.

I’ve been doing other things too. A lot of things actually.


3 thoughts on “Road to nowhere.

  1. I love that idea of having those people luve next to Donald! That’s brilliant! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next story!

    Meanwhile, I think your idea of teaching online could work well. I do it all the time. At the very least, your course is available worldwide that way…

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