What does it take?

What does it take to get authors who have their books in our shop to share social media posts we make?
It’s a serious question because I really want to know what it takes.
Clearly, there is something I’m missing.
It gets pretty frustrating when a post goes out and no one bothers to share it and increase the reach. We’re lucky if authors share a post about their own books let alone share other posts to help a fellow author out.
Seems it’s time for a reminder.
The competition is a thing that takes people AWAY from reading. An author’s competition is Netflix, TV, video games, sports, pubs … do you understand?
Lifting an author up does NOT hurt you as an author. It has quite the opposite effect.

And another thing, while I have you here, reading other Kiwi authors and leaving a review on our website would be greatly appreciated. Doesn’t have to be in-depth or long. A couple of sentences will do.

Wanna know what really ticks me off? Authors that don’t read and tell me they don’t read!
Are you kidding me? How on earth do you write if you don’t read? Reading is essential to the writing process. Not just to see what’s out there in the world but also to enrich your vocab and see how other people navigate the show/tell dilemma and whatnot.

What happens when we post and post and nothing is shared?
We get tired of putting in the effort.
We become disheartened and can’t see the point. Really, why should we bother?
Sales are stagnant. We do what we can to increase sales but hit brick wall after brick wall. And then we realise that even our authors aren’t buying books. Retail businesses can only stay afloat for so long without sales.

The only bookshop in NZ that stocks solely Kiwi authors will cease to exist if we don’t sell books. It’s pretty simple.

We understand people not wanting to be out in public shopping in these trying times. Hell, we don’t want to either! We cancelled our February event to keep people safe.
Guess everyone forgot they can access all our books online?

Starting in March we have a weekly “Author Focus” scheduled.
There will be social media posts, potentially some giveaways, and the opportunity to meet the author in-store.
If any of our authors would like to take part (being in the shop during your chosen week is not required), let us know. Email the bookshop using “Author Focus” as the subject line, please.

Read more New Zealand and be kind.


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