Born this way.

Today is a home day. I got halfway to the bookshop but felt like shit so I turned around and walked home. What I thought was hayfever might not be. We’ll see.
Something cool happened last night. Bestie sent a photo of her partner wearing a Vaporbyte (purple) shirt, and she has one too!
So now we’re a gang? We have a uniform. That’s how it works, right?

In other news, the not-neighbours are still the most awful people ever and haven’t gone. They are making life miserable. I am becoming someone I don’t like very much. Someone with zero empathy for them and who has stopped calling police when they fight because I don’t care if they kill each other. That’s the only way their shit will stop. They were so annoying and loud yesterday evening that when the dog barked at someone who knocked on the door, I lost it and yelled at him. I do not yell at my dog. I simply could not take any more noise. The guy at the door said he feels sorry for us having to live next to the not-neighbours. He’s aware of how horrible they are because he was one of the scaffolders and he’d heard them.

I need to get on with the new story and kill them that way.
Would be easier to write if I could think. It’s difficult with their shit playing on and off at ridiculous volumes and their voices screeching and the fighting – they are scuzzy bog dwellers.

Here are photos of my latest tee-shirt acquisitions and a few I already had:


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