Not in the biggest hurry …

I really am not in a big hurry to get to the bookshop today. Mostly because I’m tired. I’ve been tired for months. I think it’s just the times we are living in causing tiredness. A lot of people are tired.
People are sick in all directions and dropping like flies.
I’ve tested negative twice now for the COVID and am feeling pretty good, apart from this lingering tiredness that has been with me all year. I know I’m not sick. I was late last week – but apparently a cold type illness and not the COVID. (Yes, it’s The COVID now.)
This week is the first of our Author Focus weeks at the bookshop. I set up a heap of posts last week – talk about frustrating. Facebook likes to be as annoying as possible. I have the next author’s posts to get ready this week.
Yesterday I spent a few hours on my own work. Setting up posts due to this week being “Read an eBook week” at Smashwords. And yes, that means the whole Byte Series, including boxed sets are on sale. A couple of books might be free, I can’t remember. Go see.
The Veronica Tracey Spy/PI books are on sale too. Such fun.
The third book in that series is due out on June 1st. [Leave a message] is the third book.
And it very much looks like there will be a fourth. 🙂 We know there will be, don’t we?
Not really a lot to impart just the Smashwords sale, that I’m writing, and the Author Focus business.
Hope you’re all staying safe and well.
Ah, one last thing.
The not-neighbours have the COVID. So, they’ll be next door for at least another 10 days. FFS.

Here’s the video I put together yesterday. It’s just over a minute long, it won’t take long. Sound on so you can hear the bit that pleases me greatly at the end.


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