Losing my train of thought …

Walking to the bookshop this morning I had wonderful profound thoughts. I was sure I’d recall them once I arrived and write a gorgeous blog.
Readers, that is not what happened!
I got to work and started writing and loading scheduled Tweets for next week via the bookshop account. Then had an author come in for a chat about the Author Focus thing we’re doing (weekly).
Then I loaded more posts.
Sold some books.
Did some writing.
Came home.
Was appalled at the not-neighbours lack of any form of pants. No one in this house wants to see a hairy arse when they look out the kitchen window. NO ONE. NOT EVER.
Spent some time reading about migraines, it’s no secret that I have migraine disorder. Migraine is a neurological disorder. I have four different types, cos I’m lucky like that but I am on a drug that is doing a good job of preventing most of mine now.
Then I tweeted a bit and realised that I had some profound thoughts about writing or characters but for the life of me, I don’t know what I was thinking.
Will I ever know?
Probably not.
Anywho, I’m writing another Kiwi book. It’s fun. The Kiwi stuff is fun. Just wrote the first Not-Neighbour scene in the story. 🙂 This is how I get revenge.

Don’t forget killerbyte is free via Smashwords until the 12th (13th if you are in NZ and Oz, because of time zones).
The Killerbyte playlist follows:


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