Writing music:

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3sqb97qAXnHh1yZNYN7Z1d?si=97aafb9b517a4629 Welcome to Friday.This week was a big week for my brain. It's been a bit migrainy which is unusual these days - because I'm taking meds to prevent migraines, but, the thing with that is, it doesn't stop them completely. Nothing does. That would take magic. (When volcanoes erupt and other things interfere with … Continue reading Writing music:



Yes, it's Tuesday. It's been busy here. No, I've been busy. Not so much the girls. :)Saturday's Crime Writing Session was mostly about characters (also POV and openings), Creating people to populate a novel is a big topic. I fired off quite a few PDF's on Sunday evening, to my students. I felt bad about … Continue reading Tuesday.


Kinda how I feel today. Working. Knowing I can write without worrying about random shutdowns. Knowing I can write without having to use a fucking mouse - which 100% kills my stuffed wrist. Having a working trackpad is a pure delight!So this morning, I'm writing. I've written over 2K so far, because it's easy. I … Continue reading Limitless