What am I waiting for?

Floundering a bit at the moment. Turns out I'm not 100% convinced that I know what I'm going to do next. It's quite a weird feeling after years of knowing exactly what the next step was - listen to Ellie and write, rinse and repeat.Now it's wide open and could be anything and I don't … Continue reading What am I waiting for?

Fire and Ice

Howdy, how is everyone?This is my caring face, sorry if you thought it wasn't. 🙂 So, some changes ... we got some shit happening guys. First up: The physical launch for Vaporbyte is postponed indefinitely and replaced with ... are you ready? A VIRTUAL launch party. I think this will be fun.Of course I think … Continue reading Fire and Ice

Dream Weaver

Kia ora,The week has begun. Well, it’s Sunday, so technically it’s the beginning of the week. So far, it’s all right, nothing to write home about. To be honest, it could try harder. My Knight is recovering from his hip replacement in Perth and I’m here in New Zealand. That is not the ideal situation. Thanks for … Continue reading Dream Weaver

Reading helps …

For the next month we have significantly dropped the prices of the first 6 Byte novels on #Amazon, to clarify it's the ones listed below and kindle copies: 1. Killerbyte:A death threat in a chatroom leads to the systematic dismemberment of Special Agent Conway’s virtual and real life friends. (2009) mybook.to/killerbyte 2. Terrorbyte:Collaborating with the FSB, Delta … Continue reading Reading helps …