Kinda how I feel today. Working. Knowing I can write without worrying about random shutdowns. Knowing I can write without having to use a fucking mouse – which 100% kills my stuffed wrist. Having a working trackpad is a pure delight!
So this morning, I’m writing. I’ve written over 2K so far, because it’s easy. I don’t have to keep an eye on anything – just write.
I’m working on the side project which is something Doris wanted me to write. Not something I’d really come to by myself. It is fun though. I’ve been enjoying it this morning. I just sent the first (almost 10K) to Doris for a read, but she tells me she’s busy. Pretty fucking rude when she’s been nagging me to write the fucking thing. 🙂
Nevermind. The thing is, I’m enjoying being able to write. To be able to listen to my music while I write. The playlist just flicked over to Keven Costner and Modern West and a song from the ‘Turn it on’ album. I fucking love it. ‘Moon so high’ in case you were wondering what the song is.
My one regret today is that I didn’t wear my Uggs, because my feet are freezing!

Anyway, it’ll be home time before too long. And I’m hoping my protective case will be waiting for me. I risked taking my brand new mac (from here on it will be called Jolene Blu) this morning without a case. It was in a sleeve and then inside the laptop pocket of my bag but it is not in it’s protective case. There is a certain amount of concern with that.

This afternoon Caro and I are popping along to the council because I cannot get my emails answered regarding the venue for Sept. And it’s tiresome. We need answers so off we shall go together.

Meanwhile, I wanna write another chapter!
Be safe out there … get vaccinated. Don’t shit around with COVID it ain’t a joke.


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