I have a dark wee mind

Not a secret to those who’ve read my work but it is true. It’s dark scary place for most people. Trust me, I am not someone to be screwed with because there is nothing you can think of that I haven’t.
Take the fucker who emailed me tonight for example. Who sends an email with no subject and just the word ‘Hello’?
Let me answer that for you.
A fuckknob who is trying to initiate a dialogue.
Poorly, might I add.
Thing is he used the email address attached to this website, or one of them. Probably a good guess. His email will not be answered but I will fucking track it.
Because I’m in pain and angry and shit from idiotic people annoys the fuck out of me.
Also, maybe don’t send emails from your work? Be smarter, dumbass. Oops, he has a name, apparently. It’s Paul. Paul Dumbass.
Do you know what fate could befall a person thinking they’re safe emailing? Do you?
I wrote a whole book about someone who thought they were safe. It’s called Killerbyte, maybe you should read it. Call it homework.
If you move on that, you can get it for free from Smashwords at the moment.
Go ahead. Live a little.

In other less angry news … no wait. There isn’t any.
Australia fucked up and now we have no bubble at all. Sort your shit out Aussie. You’re letting us all down.

I spent a few hours working on that book that Doris wanted me to write ‘Life in the leaves’, I really think someone will have to die or maybe a more psychological crime, what say you? A smidge of gaslighting perhaps? True it’s not a crime by itself (yet) but it’s nasty, insidious, prevalent and it is abuse. I could chuck in some catfishing … but I kinda already have but not for neferious reasons, so is it? Good question, I thought. Perhaps Paul knows the answer?
Is it catfishing if you are protecting a yourself from the world or is it self-preservation? See, this character is in demand, but, she hasn’t told her family or friends that this ‘person’ every one wants to interview and hang out with is in fact, her. I know! It’s tricky.
Perhaps, Paul can help. I seriously doubt Paul is his name. Perhaps, he is infact this amazing author that sky rocketted to overnight success and oops never bothered to mention he’d written a book to start with and now, well, it’s all got a bit awkward.
So anyway, that’s kinda the main plot to this bloody story with no blood in it. In a nut shell. A really small nut shell. Think hazelnut sized, because, clearly that is not all there is to it. Unless you really have no clue how warped and multifaceted my brain is, and you think that seems like a reasonable story line? Then get back in your box Hanah Montana.

I think we’re done here. I need wine or tequila, or tequila in my wine. Whatever.
Happy Friday night, and don’t email me ridiculous shit unless I know you.

Oh this: To get your sticky little mitts on one of these glorious hardbacks (yes, HARDBACKS), you need to come along to “Inside Quote Marks” on Sept 5th. There are two copies available. First come first served. If miss out, then you’ll have to hit Amazon up and bring one in yourself.
I am aware there are 4 in the picture. 1 is mine (you ain’t getting a shot at that) and 1 is For Robbie.
Just to make it clear it is NOT available via Writers Plot Bookshop. The only 2 copies I have are for “Inside Quote Marks”.


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