All Right Now.

Or not, but Free think it is, so why not just go with it?
Do or don’t, it’s up to you.

Today I learned that when I stand up for myself I am apparently “aggressive”. I call BULLSHIT on that. Being assertive is not being aggressive. I did not threaten or use bad language. I simply stated a seller’s mistake and the two ways it could be rectified. It was the second contact with this seller. The first was a query and was ignored.
I gleaned a bit of information from the email that said I was “aggressive”.
1. The person was male.
2. The person has a problem with assertive women
What can I say … kiwi women, dude. We tell it like it is. And so we should.

Tomorrow New Zealand (except Auckland) goes to Level 2 or as we call it Delta-2, because it’s not like the last Level 2. This is Level 2 plus. Get used to wearing a mask pretty much all the time. You won’t see me without one when I’m out and about or at the bookshop. Makes it very hard for my phone to recognise me but it’s a small price to pay. 🙂
I’m fully vaccinated and I will wear a mask and scan in everywhere, because I do not want anyone to risk getting COVID. Be safe. Don’t be a douche-rockett. Or new favourite: don’t be a butt-munching-bog-kangaroo.

Currently, having a long chat with a grandson who doesn’t find me at all aggressive even when I do tell him what to do and sometimes what I think of him (there have been times when it hasn’t been overly flattering and has definitely been very direct … or blunt, if you like).

News Flash, this just in:
Doris made coffee in my French press. She made it because I said it was good. (It’s fucking awesome, I never said good.) I don’t know what she did to it, people … I don’t know how she failed the coffee. But, fail it she did. Anywho. She came upstairs and asked if I’d like a coffee with milk. (Why?)
Then confessed she’d made coffee in my French press because she thought it would be good.
She poured the coffee.
Clearly, her taste buds are not refined enough for real coffee.
Why she’d ruin it with milk, I do not know.
So now I have a coffee with milk.
I have a ruined coffee.

For funsies – you should read this book!
It may not have started out as SAC Iverson’s problem but she is the key and the solution.
#TelephoneLine #Raidbyte #Hardback #sixstories


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