Forever Tuesday Morning

Kiwi’s of a certain age probably recognise the blog title. I was looking for something this morning and I came across a Mockers CD. Reminded me of my youth. I had a fun time in my teen years. Anywho, the CD I found has “Forever Tuesday Morning” on it. And I spotted it immediately. As I would.
Once upon a time, long long ago, I wrote a book called “Forever Tuesday Morning”. No one has ever seen it. Well, that’s not true. Chrissy and Gali did. To the best of my recollection only Chrissy and Gali ever witnessed this story.
I love this fucking song. You cannot imagine how much I love this song.
Now the book … I have no real fucking clue what it’s properly about, except it’s a Cait O’Hare story and it has a lot to do with Mikki (her younger sister who in this story is …. wait for it … FLOTUS. I know, right? Fuck me! Who comes up with this shit?) – I gleaned this info from reading the first page of the file I discovered.
I clearly changed my mind about Mikki when the Byte Series was written – but not entirely, I think she was a writer in this too. Maybe? Perhaps? I could read it I suppose. I do know it’s written in third not first. Shock! Horror! So this is very early in my writing life. This is one of the four books before Killerbyte. It could be the last of them, I don’t know. Took me forever to find it. I had to go through some deep dark files, people. It was scary in there. Think it might be a stalkery story, I am aware there is at least one explosion (from some fast scrolling), could be a wolf or two. Cait had regular visits from a pair she named Flame and Liberty in Mauryville when she was a young agent. (Bit of backstory on Directoe O’Hare for ya there.)

Just popped a wee edit in here because, I’ve been reading “Forever Tuesday Morning” all day, and the sad thing (or good thing?) is that this is still better than most of the books I’ve bought and read recently. And I know for an absolute fact that this sucker hasn’t been edited. I found something really interesting (possibly only to me), at about the halfway mark I found mention of Agent Conway. Now, I don’t know when I delved into this story and popped Ellie’s name in there but part of this story was referenced in the Byte Series (in passing), and I think that reference happened in Flashbyte. Whatever, suffice to say, I am very much enjoying the story and I don’t remember much of it at all. The occassional line stands out, like, ‘exploded people stick like a bastard’.

Here are the Mockers for your listening pleasure (not sure my neighbours are in agreement right now.)


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