Ms Connor has zero [blanks] to give

Okay, all right, we all know they’re fucks.
Today’s junk mail netted another one of those wankers who thinks they can screw money from me by saying they’ve emailed me from my own account. (No, you, butt munching bog kangaroo, you did not.)
Rookie mistakes were made:
1. Assuming authors have money. (Crazy town!)
2. Assuming I’m an idiot.
3. Thinking I don’t know where I go on a daily basis regarding my internet use. FYI, it’s not porn sites.
4. And of course, the biggy, assuming I give a fuck.
Turns out, I do not. (Surprise!)

Other things today, well, school goes back here. Hooray.
Doris has her first vaccine this afternoon. Both good things.

The cicadas in my head are slightly quieter this morning, so that’s good. There is hope that this will stop/disappear as soon as the Topamax is properly gone from my system. Fingers crossed. It’s annoying as fuck and I do not like it.

I did try writing yesterday. Thought I’d better see what Ronnie and Crockett were doing – couldn’t remember where I left them. Good thing I popped back to find out. Crockett smacked someone around (there’s always a good reason when he acts out, but still …), Ronnie went down a rabbit hole and found a hidden file from the 90’s, there’s a crime writing group meeting in the backroom of the bookshop, and I have a horrible feeling Nana is about to shuffle in with the cronies. (Something to do with Muhammad and the mountain or Donald and Enzo’s wedding, who knows with Nana?)

Starting to get a bit excited about teaching in the last term this year. If you’re interested in learning how to write crime and you’re in the Wellington Region, keep an eye out for the classes offered via Wellington High School Community Education – you’ll see the one I’m teaching. Trust me, you’ll recognise it. 🙂 🙂 Class starts late October (runs on Saturday mornings). I still hear from quite a few of my first class and I’ve kept the emails they sent telling me how much fun they had and how much they learnt. 🙂 🙂

Heres the link: Crime writing: An introduction


2 thoughts on “Ms Connor has zero [blanks] to give

  1. Yeah, I often wonder just how stupid those people who send out that junk mail think we are! Yikes! Anyway, very happy for you that you’ll be teaching your crime writing class. I can’t think of anyone better equipped to do it. I’d actually love to do that sort of thing myself if I ever got the chance, so I’ll be keen to know how it goes for you.

    • I hope that you do get the chance to teach crime one day, Margot. You would be magnificent at it! I’m really looking forward to teaching this course again. Fingers crossed for a full class (that’s social distances and masked). I’ll go over my hefty book of notes in a few weeks and tweak some of them. 🙂

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