Thank you for loving me. Yes, I know I usually add the video at the end, but this song I particularly like and it says most of what I want to say, to the people in my life who show up when I need them. It's New Years Eve.I have to say this year was hugely better than 2020. … Continue reading Thank you for loving me.

Ms Connor has zero [blanks] to give

Okay, all right, we all know they're fucks.Today's junk mail netted another one of those wankers who thinks they can screw money from me by saying they've emailed me from my own account. (No, you, butt munching bog kangaroo, you did not.)Rookie mistakes were made:1. Assuming authors have money. (Crazy town!)2. Assuming I'm an idiot.3. … Continue reading Ms Connor has zero [blanks] to give