“I ain’t gonna be … in the crowd”

Any Bon Jovi fan knows, exactly what words are missing from today’s blog title. 🙂
I am listening to Bon Jovi (imagine?) this morning, trying to find some energy for today. I need energy today for another long walk. That’s six in a row. I am tired.
Anyway, I did get some writing done this week. Not enough, but, I learnt a few things about the actions behind the story. I know there’s a puppetmaster somewhere and now I need to find that character. That’s going to be fun in a “not sure who is going to survive” kinda way. Be a shame is annoying Alex didn’t make it. (You’ll find out who she is, one day.)

The other thing I did this week was I re-covered the kiwi books.
For a very long time, I have wanted a gnome on the cover of [Nothing happens here] – if you’ve read it, you know.
So, I have a gnome. Doris gave her input as the covers started to come together. And by Friday afternoon, the new covers rolled out across most platforms (I think).
It timed perfectly with the sale of the last [Nothing happens here] paperback via Writers Plot Bookshop. So, at some point, I’ll order some new books with new covers. Such fun.
I do have two copies at home but they’ll probably stay here. Unless someone wants one of course. 🙂

Other news: We had a 5.8 earthquake on Thursday night which cemented my thoughts on making sure we have an emergency toilet. It makes sense if you live in an earthquake zone and especially if you’re an all-female household! 🙂 Good decision made there.

Before I go anywhere or do anything today, I’ve got writing to do. So, I’m going to get on with that.

In regards to writing, I think it’s time my weekday writing group kicked back into gear. I’m thinking every second Tuesday and we’ll go back to challenges and so forth.

Anywho, that’s a later problem.
I’ve got writing to do.

The reason!

Have a good weekend.

Emergency toilet! Still in its box etc.

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