Promised Land

No secret that I love me some Elvis. Promised Land is way up there as one of my favourite songs that Elvis sang.
Today was a really fun day. Always lovely to have a visit from Anne Barwell, one of our fabulous authors.
Then, we had the filming for the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards. Much laughter and joy.
It’ll be interesting to see the final product.

I didn’t do too badly today considering Monday night was a big catch-up with an old friend, that also involved much laughter, many stories, and red wine. My voice was starting to go by the end of the evening. That’s how you can tell it was a fun night.

Late this afternoon I managed to wrestle Brian Brain into submission and got a little bit of writing done. Not enough by any means but I don’t feel like I’ve failed the day, so, that’s good. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a good writing day.

Today is also Admin One’s birthday. 🙂

I am super tired and very much need a good sleep tonight.
The saga of the injured wrist continues – it’s now being kicked back to the surgeon. That could take forever but at least it’s happened.

Here’s the playlist for this evening.


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