Some Nights

The only reason F.U.N’s “Some Nights” is today’s blog title is that Doris has been singing it this morning while she was getting ready to go out. Now it’s stuck in my head. Thought I’d share the love, you’re welcome.
The end of January is almost here.
I’ll be back at the bookshop on Feb 1st.
School starts up again on Feb 3rd. The time the shop opens on that day depends on how the morning goes. I make no promises. Chronic illness in a teenager is no fun.

Anywho, moving on, I am hoping that [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] will be ready for launch in late June. It is with my lovely editor. So we shall see. Might need another chapter addition yet. 🙂 There is definitely a bit more description that I need to add when the team meet Ginny. That’s not today though.

Diesel was in the Furry Friday email this week. He very much enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame. There’s no living with him now. 🙂 Big thanks to Nick for the fab story on our boy Diesel. If you love animal stories and images that make you smile then sign up for the newsletter, it’s lovely getting a happy email on a Friday.
I’ll add the story as images at the end of this post.

Still hoping to get a full class for this term “Introduction to Crime Writing” taught by yours truly via CEC in person. If you’ve ever thought about writing any type of crime novel or short story then register smartly! The course won’t go ahead unless we get the numbers.

FYI, this is not the same course that I will be teaching online with the very talented Margot Kinberg. Writing Wrongs is an international seminar on crime writing and is a combination of Zoom and Google classrooms.
You could do both and would then have a fantastic grounding for your writing.


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