Here’s Dallas …

January ended with a new family member. Doris has her kitten!
We didn’t think we’d be adding to the menagerie so soon but the opportunity arose and along came little Dallas. (Tortoiseshell Birman.)

I expected a bit of pushback from Diesel and Patrick. I did not expect Diesel to start treating Dallas like she was his baby. He is besotted by the wee blue-eyed menace.

Patrick took a few days to see the joy in no longer being the only cat in the family. He sulked quite a bit, to be honest. Then she won him over with her playfulness.

Dallas is 11 weeks old today. She is a mischievous purr-machine.
We wouldn’t trade her for anything.

The other good news is that I have approval from ACC for the wrist surgery I need! Very much hoping I don’t have to wait long because it’s getting worse and I can’t do very much at all now. Even typing with my right hand is painful. So it’s definitely worse. And no I don’t have carpal tunnel. I have 4 different but yet interactive injuries to my wrist including a cartilage tear.

I have applied for the ISBN’s for [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] … another step closer to a mid-June release!


4 thoughts on “Here’s Dallas …

  1. Welcome, Dallas! She has the loveliest blue eyes! I can see why Diesel fell for her so quickly, and it’s good to know Patrick’s getting on with her, too. And that’s fabulous news about the surgery! Yay!

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