I just watched the season four finale, I think I’m going to need a minute. That was epic television. Not sure how to go from that to regular programming. It was a welcome distraction from life. 🙂

News today said the US recorded over 1 million COVID cases in a single day. I find it very hard to imagine a million of anything. I’ve seen a million dollars, stacked on a pallet, in Washington D.C. So I kinda know what a million dollars, in whatever denomination it was stacked on that pallet, looks like. It still feels like a number so high it can’t be real.
Now we’re saying a million people were infected in one fucking day?

Anyway, the end of Yellowstone. Fuck me. That was really good.
I have nothing else to say about that.
Today was a non-writing day, not by choice, just the way it happened. I did a lot of things but none of them moved [Leave a message] any closer to the finish line. Feels like a fail. I think I better try harder tomorrow.
Yesterday I managed to create the Killerbyte playlist on Spotify. I’m listening to it now. It’s worth a listen. I will (I hope) get the next five done soon.

The day before yesterday (whatever day that was) I spent seven hours pulling blog posts, notes, exercises, and so forth, together for my course. Now that I have that done and it’s a real book and everything, I very much hope I get the numbers to teach next month! Done a lot of work to make it easier for me and my students this year, would be a damn shame to waste it! [Clearly, the companion text will be cheaper if purchased from me and not Amazon.]
If you’re in the Wellington Region and are interested in learning how to write crime (novels) then sign on up: Intro to crime writing.

Oh, up there when I mentioned seeing a million dollars … this will amuse you:

From this guys fingers to God’s ears, right? Who knew I kept such rich company. Certainly not me or my kids. If I had that kind of money I wouldn’t give as many fucks about pirates stealing my work. Seriously, they wouldn’t make a dent, when, for the last five years the theft is crippling.

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