And so it goes …

January is marching on and I’m pretty well over it already.
Probably not the greatest start to 2022 to be already over the year. But that’s how it is. I could lie and say how glorious the new year is, but it fucking isn’t.
Never the less good stuff is happening and life moves on. Even though 2022 is pretty well more of the same for most of the world, it can’t last forever, surely?
Back in the bookshop this week which was okay. Nice to see a few familiar faces behind the masks. The wonderful thing about having “Vaccine Pass required for entry” and “Masks must be worn” signs on the door, is I can tell people they can’t come in. Weeds out the loonies. One attempted entry. I stopped him at the door by saying, “Vaccine pass and mask!” He shuffled away to annoy somebody else. He is not someone who ever buys, he just lurks and annoys. So, off he fucked.

Anywho, it’s Saturday today. I am reading [Leave a message] so I can bring this story to its conclusion whatever that may be. Will everyone die? Will only the anti-vaxxers die? Will Crockett, Ronnie, and Ben make it? Who the fuck is XXXXXXX working for? Is Zillah alive? Can they prove that XXXX developed by XXXXXXXXXXX killed XXXXXXXX and his son?
Did Luke have his brain scrambled while in Eastern Europe? Does XXXX XXXXXX know what Luke brought back? Is this really about control of the XXXXX?
So, I need to read, because chances are all the questions have answers hidden in the text somewhere or at least hinted at. That’s how my brain works. It knows way more than it lets on. Tricky bugger that it is.
I know that if I read [Leave a Message] and have my notebooks handy, I will be able to answer my questions. 🙂
Don’t you love the way I took out vital information so you don’t know what’s really going on and you won’t until this book is ready for launch – around the middle of the year. Who knows, we might be able to do a physical launch at the central library with cake, and My Knight might be able to come home by then.

In preparation for the third Kiwi Spy/PI book, you should probably read [Lure the Lie]


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