One step closer.

Today started rough. Last night was a disaster, I got bugger all sleep. That doesn’t not make for a fun day, I can assure you. AND THEN … I took the wrong glasses with me to work. The lighting in the bookshop fucks my migraine brain big time, there is only so much prevention medication can do especially when it’s already fighting with tiredness so leaving my blue-blocking reading glasses behind was a stupid move! Luckily I carry migraine meds and it wasn’t long until my brain was warm and fluffy.
That perfect storm up there ^^ makes me almost sorry for Margot and Pete when they sit down to read [Leave a Message]. Why? Because I wrote THE END just before midday. That’s right, the hardest part is finished.
Pete mentioned in a comment that I “crank out books like lightning in a rainstorm” – nice, I thought. This one felt more like wading through thigh-deep mud, never quite sure what was under my feet.
Anywho, happy happy joy joy!
It’s done.
Jan 18th 2022 is the day I finished my 16th novel (not counting the four that I wrote at the beginning of this journey – you know – the ones hidden away, that I cut my teeth on).
Today I can happily say I have written 16 novels and a grand total of 21 books – 20 of which are published. (And those figures include anything hidden away, or my crime writing textbook, or the companion book for the course I teach.)

I did not think I was going to get to the end of [Leave a message], it tried me every step of the way.
Now, Pete and Margot have raw copies to read. They each have particular fields of expertise. When they’re done, I’ll go over the notes, probably have a few conversations then get to work on tweaking what needs tweaking, re-writing what needs it, adding descriptions etc. I expect to need to beef up Crockett (he challenges me). Then, I’ll hand it over to my lovely editor and we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty.
All things considered, it wasn’t too bad a day.
I survived. (Managed to survive every day so far!)
The book is finished.
Probably deserve a wee celebration and hopefully a bloody good sleep.


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