Christmas is over.

In some ways, I’m glad to see the back of it for another year. It’s a day I don’t particularly enjoy. There’s a lot of cooking and cleaning involved, and then a lot of clean-up. I enjoy having the kids home, that bit is pretty awesome but the rest of it is long and tiring. If it wasn’t for fucking COVID I’d have enjoyed it more.
This year I got to share my secret to the perfectly cooked and truly delicious turkey with daughter #2 and she cooked her first turkey and confirmed it was delicious.
Ours was too, as always. 🙂

Yesterday I got a couple of thousand words written and I’m hoping for the same today. [Leave a message] is coming along nicely.
I also sorted Doris’s stationery for year 12. (How can she be in year 12, next year?)

It occurred to me this morning, possibly because I actually let myself think about it, Dec 2022 is a significant birthday for me and My Knight. Our birthdays are either side of Christmas. This year is the third year we have spent December apart, and it’s getting fucking old, I can tell you.
It’ll be the same next year. His brothers are going over to be with him on his extra special birthday. I can’t see any way that I can be there and I very much doubt he’ll be here for my birthday.
(Of course, this is assuming the world has COVID under control by Dec 2022 and there is no requirement for quarantine when travelling. Vaccine passes will always be a thing now, I think. No problem, we’re both double vaxxed and I’m about to get a booster. And My Knight will be getting his in a couple of months too.)
I suppose I have a year to get used to not getting to celebrate our together birthdays, again.
And I suppose I will eventually get used to it and just carry on, like always. But, today, it makes me sad and kinda angry because it’s been a hard few years being separated more than usual with this COVID shit. We couldn’t see each other at all in 2020. Only had a month together this year (man we were lucky to get that), and now, 2022 is looming and doesn’t look any better from where I stand.
I’m tired of always finding the positives in this shitty of shitty situations and very much want life to return to our normal.

It’s Monday the 27th. My Knight’s birthday is tomorrow. This day is always a little bit strange for me, his birthday is too (not when we’re together though). There are other things that happened on the 27th and 28th of Dec, in my life. Other things I think about on those days. Generally, both days end in a toast.
27th toast is “To Brenan the architect.”
The 28th toast is “To Gabriel the accountant.”

On that note, I shall sod off and get some writing done. Probably in the right mood to kill a few characters. Don’t like Crockett’s chances of escaping today.

One last thing: The entire Byte Series and the boxed sets, and kiwi books are on sale at Smashwords until the 1st of Jan. Now’s the perfect time to fill up those Readers or phones or tablets. 🙂


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