The Crunch!

Level 3.
For us this is huge. We can resume online sales via our shop website. 
Writers Plot Bookshop is 5 years old and we struggle to get Kiwi’s to support their own; their own local businesses; their own authors (who are infinitely better than any overseas authors). 
It’s been hard.
We are lucky, in that, we are an Incorporated Society so we can reach out for funding, but, right now, we cannot. Because the next funding round is too far away to help us.
We were just starting to get recognition and to get people to ‘discover’ us. What should’ve been a strong month for us collapsed with COVID-19. 

I haven’t been up to the shop in 6 weeks, because I became ill prior to the Level 4 lockdown (not COVID but a trafficked nasty bug from the local high school).
I miss it.
I miss the books and the team and our customers!
We now face the possibility of not reopening a physical store because we can’t pay the rent and utilities without sales and/or funding.
Neither are happening.
That, for me, is the end of a dream. 
Running writing groups and workshops isn’t so easy when you have no base.
Getting to know authors and customers isn’t the same via email.
Virtual book launches and author talks aren’t as good as face-to-face fun. 
The only way to keep our physical doors open is a sudden and explosive increase in online sales!
This is your call to action. 
If you do value what we’ve achieved so far and what we do for kiwi authors then, please, tell people about us, go to our website. BUY OUR BOOKS. And do it quickly.

It’s been a rough few months for us (like a lot of the world). 
We’ve had all our travel plans cancelled, all our family plans cancelled. (I haven’t seen My Knight since November because he’s in Australia and we don’t know when we’ll see each other again.)
But we’ve coped so far. 

Mostly, for me, because I’ve been working on the 12th Byte Book and getting a few things around that sorted, and busy with the teens and to be honest, it’s been expensive. Laptop, printer, external CD/DVD Drive sort of expensive, never mind the extra groceries and power.
It’s amazing how we can squeeze blood from a stone, isn’t it?


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