Let’s Dance

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”
When I see or hear the words “Let’s Dance” I hear the song in my head. Bowie gets in and he had a way of sticking around.
“Let’s Dance” is the first chapter of Vaporbyte. I was trying to remember (without going through the book) how many Bowie songs snuck in. There are 3 that I can recall.
And now for something completely unrelated to Bowie or music …

Today it occurred to me that with two covers (if I haven’t mentioned it – there are two covers), I’ll probably need two cakes. Not really a big deal, just effort and a lot of whiskey. 🙂 The launch isn’t until Nov 10, so there’s time to make cakes.
Did you realize that it’s MAY already? Really, it’s only six weeks before I need to get those cakes underway. (No one wants under-boozed fruit cake. It’s much better if it can absorb whiskey over time.)

For some reason, I thought I had more time than I do. Perhaps it’s a trick of lockdown? Or perhaps I did have more time but lockdown prevented me getting some things organized?
At this point we still don’t know if we can have a physical launch.
I very much hope we can and that my friends and family can come to what is the last Byte Series launch. It would be pretty damn sucky to finish this series and not be able to celebrate the joy* of having written a 12 book series. It’s been helluva journey and Ellie and Delta A need a proper send off.
The best thing to do, I think, is to box on as if the physical launch is going ahead, get everything ready (including the cakes), and just see what happens. It doesn’t hurt fruitcake to rest longer. And should the launch be impossible then I’ve got the Christmas cakes sorted, right? 🙂

I have cover mock ups. No I’m not sharing. Not yet anyway. We have two covers because this book has two versions/endings.
That’s fun, right?
Trust me, I’m a professional and it is fun. 🙂

*more like insanity mingled with tequila and coffee.


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