Mother’s Day Musings

It’s Mother’s Day.
A time for reflection, perhaps?
I’ve been a mum for 37 years. Being a mum has taught me a lot. I learned very early (Caleb was 6 weeks old) that I was the one who needed to fight for him and to trust my instincts and that I knew better than anyone else when it came to one of my babies.

Motherhood is the most rewarding and heartbreaking career in the world. It’s littered with stretches of zero sleep, sickness, arguments, fighting, laughter, pure joy, endless love, confusion, panic, utter amazement, yelling, questions, limitless wonderment, and a lot of coffee and tequila.

– Cat Connor 2020

I’ve seen and heard just about everything a parent can see and hear. Nothing shocks me but the kids can still surprise me. And that’s pretty cool.
I can spot a lie coming at me from a mile away (while walking backwards in the dark). 
Pretty much anything is fixable. Super glue is your friend.
Grumpy kids improve greatly when fed.
There is no such thing as too much time spent with a child – but time away from kids is very important!
There is ALWAYS enough love to go around.
Every kid is different and needs different parenting. (Once you find their currency half the battle is solved.)
Raising adults is pretty damn hilarious most of the time. 
Keep a notebook or your phone handy to jot down the gems or video the antics for later. Trust me, you want to do that.
Listen to teenagers. They have a lot to say. And they’re funny. Enjoy them!

Pro Tip:
Put together a decent first aid kit and know how to use it.
Never panic, no matter what, do not panic. You got this.
(You can have a quiet panic later once whatever happened is sorted.)


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