No Apologies

Welcome to the first week back in the bookshop after eight weeks at home. It’s the first day of the first week. Pretty sure I’ve already offended people on Facebook by being me, but, you know what? I’m always me, fucking deal with it. And what I say on my own page, is entirely up to me.
If you can’t deal with that … then off you toddle.

Currently, I’m living in a blurry bubble of uncertainty – not 100% sure that the planned launch of Vaporbyte will go ahead (in November), but very much hoping it will. I would like to end this series on the high note rather than have it just slip away. We’re talking about an investment of fifteen years in these characters, and, they deserve to go out with a bang!
(and tequila and cake and all the people!)

Meanwhile, I’m at the bookshop. It’s chilly now that I’ve stopped moving around! Pleased I’m wearing a wooly jersey but still, I’m not overly warm.
Must be time for the heater to magically reappear. 🙂
Would be rather nice if customers magically appeared. Going to be a boring day if they don’t!
Daughter two and grandchild two popped in! Hooray for catching up with kids.


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